The Perpetual Problem of Plastic

June 21, 2022 Guest - Jill Bartolotta Episode 13
The Perpetual Problem of Plastic
Show Notes

This is the first of an Eco Speaks CLE  series on plastic. In this episode, we tackle the subject of plastic pollution with Jill Bartolotta, OSU Extension Educator with Ohio Sea Grant. Jill is a researcher focusing on plastic pollution in the Great Lakes. Her work informs plastics policy, international research, and education projects. Listen and hear Greg take a pop quiz about plastic pollution and hear Jill speak about how microplastics and the overuse of disposable plastics threaten our Great Lakes. There are many ways that each of us can be part of the solutions to protect our lakes, and many resources are available to help us learn more. Our discussion gears us up to participate in Plastic Free July, a global movement that helps people be part of the solution to plastic pollution. More on that in our next episode!   

Jill Bartolotta, Ohio Sea Grant College Program Extension Educator

About Jill 
Pop Quiz - Plastic in the Great Lakes
Plastic Free July - Take the Challenge
The Story of Plastic documentary
The Death and Life of the Great Lakes by Dan Egan 
Countdown by Dr. Shanna Swan
Life Without Plastic by Chantal Plamondon

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