Plastic Free July with Sierra Club Ohio

July 05, 2022 Guest - Elissa Yoder Episode 14
Plastic Free July with Sierra Club Ohio
Show Notes

In this episode, we kick off Plastic Free July with Elissa Yoder Mann, Conservation Program Manager with Sierra Club Ohio.  According to Elissa, "plastic-free" is more a journey than a destination, given all the ways that plastic packaging has invaded our lives, but there are ways to have a  "plastic-less" life. 

Sierra Club Ohio is participating in the global Plastic-Free July campaign by asking people to join the movement and refuse single-use plastic this month . Take the Plastic Free Pledge and receive weekly email tips, info on events and webinars, a monthly calendar to stay motivated, and more. 

Elissa has been with  Sierra Club Ohio for 8 years. She works on a statewide plastics campaign that focuses on the downstream impacts of plastic, calling out false solutions, and moving away from our take-make-waste system to a sustainable, circular economy. 

Elissa Yoder Mann , Conservation Program Manager, Sierra Club Ohio

Global Plastic Free July Campaign
Ohio Plastic Free July campaign -  Sierra Club Ohio
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