Creative Reuse at Upcycle Parts Shop

August 16, 2022 Guest - Nicole McGee Episode 17
Creative Reuse at Upcycle Parts Shop
Show Notes

Upcycle Parts Shop is a creative reuse center in Cleveland’s St. Clair Superior neighborhood. In this episode, we speak with Nicole McGee, the center's scrappy founder and executive director. Since 2014, the shop has diverted over 47 tons of material from landfills while providing the materials for creative inspiration to local artists and makers. Located in the historic National Slovenian Home on St Clair Avenue, Upcycle Parts Shop is one of several social enterprises in the neighborhood working to do good for people the planet, and the economy. Join us as we take a trip through this eclectic neighborhood and hear Nicole speak about how she became a reuse artist and entrepreneur and how her shop is provoking creativity and promoting community through reuse, resourcefulness, and relationships. She is someone you want to know.     

Nicole McGee, Founder and Executive Director of Upcycle Parts Shop

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