Cleveland Water Alliance and the SMART Lake

October 18, 2022 Guest: Max Herzog Episode 21
Cleveland Water Alliance and the SMART Lake
Show Notes

Cleveland Water Alliance is making Lake Erie the first SMART Great Lake by harnessing technology to monitor water quality, fuel research, drive innovation, and elevate Cleveland's role in the Blue Economy. Max Herzog is a program manager with Cleveland Water Alliance. In this episode, Max invites us to imagine what it would mean to have sensors and other technology collecting data throughout Lake Erie to warn about harmful algal blooms near our water crib or what it would mean for boaters and swimmers to access real-time water quality data or what would it mean for conservation efforts to identify pollution sources and better measure the health of our lake. This is Smart Lake Erie and the work of Cleveland Water Alliance, a visionary non-profit that is deploying creative, new solutions to manage, conserve and optimize our precious water resources.

Max Herzog, Program Manager at Cleveland Water Alliance

Cleveland Water Alliance
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