Welcome Home with Humble Design Cleveland

November 01, 2022 Guest - Debbie Eastburn Episode 22
Welcome Home with Humble Design Cleveland
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Debbie Eastburn is the director of Humble Design Cleveland, and her motto is "togetherness to end homelessness."  She and her team of designers and volunteers create spaces that families, veterans, and kids aging out of foster care can call home.   And they do this primarily with second-hand items that people in our community have donated. Keeping it out of the landfill has never felt so good, knowing your items are creating warm and inviting homes for people emerging from homelessness. Debbie calls this "intentional design" one reason Humble Design is highly successful. Another is the support of Progressive Insurance and the involvement of its employees who volunteer at the Humble Design warehouse in Solon. In this episode, hear how Humble Design Cleveland grew out of the pandemic and became an integral part of the continuum of care for people needing a fresh start and how you can help.

Debbie Eastburn, Director, Humble Design Cleveland

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