Taking the "OOPS" Out of Recycling in Brooklyn

January 04, 2022 Guests Kathleen Pucci, Carin Miller, Nina Savastano Episode 2
Taking the "OOPS" Out of Recycling in Brooklyn
Show Notes

In this episode, we "talk trash" and hear how the City of Brooklyn implemented a city-wide Cart Tagging project to reduce contamination in its curbside recycling. In this feet-on-the-street approach to recycling education, teams of students were sent through the city to inspect recycling carts. Households that were not recycling correctly got an OOPS Tag attached to their cart that identified what they did wrong and how to recycle properly.  Cart tagging can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive way to educate residents about recycling, but the direct feedback it provides can measurably reduce contamination and save communities money. Brooklyn was the first community in Cuyahoga County to put cart tagging to the test. In our interview, we find out if this very personal way of educating residents worked, how they reacted, and the recycling "oops" being made.

Kathleen Pucci, Councilwoman, City of Brooklyn
Nina Savastano, Cart Tagger and John Carroll University Student
Carin Miller, Education Specialist, Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District

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Recycling Ambassador Program
The Recycling Partnership

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